• MYCRO was established in 2016 to provide the greatest possible support to clinical trials, aiming at the highest quality at every stage of clinical research. We bring you 8 years of technical research, logistic support and 10 years of experience with you under the name MYCRO. Our experience in clinical trial management includes phases I, II, III and IV, observational and medical device studies, and all pre-study support.

  • Our country has a great potential in clinical research. As a company, we aim to use this potential in the best way possible. Thanks to our past experiences, we know very well the importance of providing high quality standards and we always raise this quality line.

  • As MYCRO; to serve in all regions of Turkey, experienced and motivated field staff, Field Relations Leaders, Central Office Staff, Clinical Research Director and nationwide by the Business Development Specialist team successfully we carry out more than 100 studies. In this study, we have a wider coverage from our team and our system and most of the other cron Turkey.


Being a company that fully satisfies all the expectations in national and international areas within the scope of Clinical Research by keeping the quality of services we provide to customers with innovative, dynamic, functional and multitasking organization.


Our mission is to serve international standards by combining fast, practical, effective and professional solutions we produce on clinical researches with GCP principles, in accordance with legislation and international guidelines and our understanding of experience and quality.